Gina Harkins

Gina Harkins

Multimedia journalist

Gina Harkins has reported on Marines from the U.S., Central and South America, and at sea. She holds a master's degree from Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism.

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Gates mattis article
Military Officer

Gates: Congress should ‘absolutely’ approve Mattis to be SecDef

Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates has seen retired Marine Gen. James Mattis in action.
Gates recommended Mattis for some key leadership positions while he was running the Pentagon. Mattis served as the head of two different combatant commands in that time - experience Gates says makes the retired four-star an excellent pick to serve as the next defense secretary.

Navy suit article
Military Officer

NFL legend Michael Strahan on Army officer dad: He’s my life coach

Before Michael Strahan was competing in Super Bowls and getting inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, he was crashing soldiers’ physical training sessions.
“As a 7-year-old kid, I remember running with my dad’s platoon as they did their morning training,” Strahan said. “…The military culture definitely played a role in my career and athleticism.”

Reneemontagne 38 article
Military Officer

Renee Montagne’s dad survived Pearl Harbor. Here’s what he taught her.

Renee Montagne was the new kid in school 13 times, so she has some practice walking into the unknown.
“As a journalist, that’s enormously helpful,” she says. “I would walk in as an outsider, so I came in objectively, and I could look around at all 30 kids … with new eyes.”
Before she was the longtime cohost of NPR’s Morning Edition, Montagne moved from one Marine Corps base to another. Her dad, Arthur "Bud" Montagne, was a retired Marine major and prior-enlisted sailor. Then-Radioman 2nd Class Montagne was aboard battleship California in Hawaii Dec. 7, 1941, when a pair of torpedoes ripped through the port side of his ship.

Untitled article
Military Officer

Military life gave Food Network’s Sunny Anderson a taste for cooking

When Sunny Anderson ordered a grilled cheese sandwich in Europe as a kid, she wasn’t expecting to be served melted white Gouda on fancy bread.
“It blew my mind,” she says. “… I know it was a turning point because I can’t even remember ever eating anything before that.”
Anderson, now a host on Food Network’s The Kitchen, is the daughter of a retired Army colonel. As her family moved between places like Germany, Texas, and Georgia, Anderson says she realized “food has no real boundaries.”